The Parish of The New Martyrs Elizabeth & Barbara

Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow

Diocese of Sourozh.


Divine Liturgy is celebrated at 10.30 a.m. on every first Sunday in the month.  Services will be in English and Church Slavonic. Everyone is welcome to attend and to enjoy light refreshments afterwards. 

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During the period covered by this calendar Father Benedict will reach the age of 80.  He will of course offer his resignation to Bishop Matthew, just as he offered his resignation to Archbishop Elisey at the age of 75. Archbishop Elisey at that time asked Father Benedict to go on serving the 3 communities in Devon and Cornwall.  Even if Bishop Matthew does the same, we must take seriously the fact that Father Benedict cannot, at the age of 80, cope with what he was doing perhaps 10 years before.  This calendar takes note of that fact.  It makes far less provision for weekday feasts etc., which, to some extent, Father Benedict has been trying to keep up with.

Perhaps more importantly we should all take notice of the provision from January 2019 of a second Liturgy at Buckfast Abbey on the third Sunday of each month.  This is an essential move which looks forward to a time when Father Benedict will no longer be with us and we cannot take for granted that a Church and services are going to be provided in his own house.

This move began many years ago with our celebrating on the first Sunday of the month in Newton Abbot. It was hoped that this would be the beginnings of a proper Parish, as opposed to congregations simply gathering at a place where the Liturgy was celebrated for other reasons.  The change to two services a month at Buckfast Abbey on the first and third Sundays of each month is a taking forward of this process of building a real Parish as opposed to a dependent gathering of worshippers. 

In many forewords to our calendars, Father Benedict has pleaded for people to take on responsibility for our Parish.  The need for this grows ever more vital and Father Benedict will be addressing this in various ways over the four months covered by this calendar.




Worshipping at Southgate Retreat Centre, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfast, Devon.

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