The Parish of The New Martyrs Elizabeth & Barbara

Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow

Diocese of Sourozh.


Divine Liturgy is celebrated at 10.30 a.m. on every first Sunday in the month.  Services will be in English and Church Slavonic. Everyone is welcome to attend and to enjoy light refreshments afterwards. 

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In our last calendar I spoke of our need to do some real planning if Father John and I are to cope with another Holy Week and Easter.  I proposed that when Easter was over, we should call a meeting of all who are willing to take a real and active part in our community, life and worship, to make plans for two pretty elderly clergy to carry on for as long as possible.  I very much need a holiday after all that this Easter period has involved, but I do want to say that I regard this meeting as a matter of real importance which we must undertake as soon as the holiday period is over.

This Calendar provides for several Vigils. You will note an asterisk next to the word Vigil when it appears in the Calendar.  This is to signify that while I hope to celebrate a Vigil, if I am in fact unable to cope with so long a service, I shall celebrate Great Vespers instead. 

You will notice that there is no provision in this Calendar for the New Calendar Feast of the New Martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara.  This is because I think it is more appropriate that we celebrate this Feast at Buckfast on the Sunday after its Old Calendar occurrence (5th August).

May I thank you all again for all the support and sympathy Lilah and I have been surrounded by in recent weeks.

Father Benedict.




Worshipping at Southgate Retreat Centre, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfast, Devon.

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