The Parish of The New Martyrs Elizabeth & Barbara

Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow

Diocese of Sourozh.


Divine Liturgy is celebrated at 10.30 a.m. on every first Sunday in the month.  Services will be in English and Church Slavonic. Everyone is welcome to attend and to enjoy light refreshments afterwards. 

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I would like to thank everyone for their marvellous support of Good Friday and Easter Night at Buckfast Abbey.  It was a truly memorable and very beautiful occasion.  Everyone loved the medieval guest hall in which we celebrated.  It had a wonderful combination of dignity and holiness.  At my age, one begins to wonder which Easter will be one’s last.  I have to say, if that turned out to be my last Easter, I would be more than content with it. 

Here is the next of our short two-monthly calendars.  There are lots of services in July, many of them particularly connected with the life of the Community of St. Antony and St. Elias.  Lilah and I moved to Devon on 5th July 1973, the Feast of St. Athanasius.  He was the founder of the Great Lavra, and died in the collapse of the church he was building.  There were times back then when he felt like a really appropriate saint for our move! But I am amazed at what has grown out of our poor efforts.

In the Community, years ago, we used to keep the time from the 5th to the 20th of July, the Feast of St. Elias, as a time for planning, think tanks, etc., but I now feel it is a very good time for thanksgiving.  That fortnight takes in several feasts that have come to be very special, not least of course that of the New Martyrs, Elizabeth and Barbara, the patrons of the parish that has grown out of the work of the Community.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has had any part in the life of the Community and of the Parish. 

We are about to say goodbye to John, who led the choir in Newton Abbot and was one of the trio who sang on Easter Night.  He is moving to Cambridge, and we shall miss him and his family.  We wish them all well.  But his going does underline our need to do some new planning of our music. 

We are extremely blessed having Emily and Emma, who give so much, despite having children at a very demanding age to cope with as they do it.  Music and beauty have an enormous role in the Russian tradition of worship and if we are to be faithful to that tradition, we must build up a bigger choir.  I am very aware that the sheer quality of the singers we have puts people off offering their services, because they imagine they cannot live up to it.  But we really do need help.  Please think about it. 

God bless you all,

Please pray for me,

Father Benedict



Worshipping at Southgate Retreat Centre, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfast, Devon.